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Advertising Formats
as of January 11, 2006



          Real Estate Buyers Guide

          Newspapers:  Sun and Herald Tribune


We need TWO SEPARATE Files for each ad:

1.     Word document for ad copy, verbiage ONLY  

o       At the top, please write your name, the phone number you want to use in the ad, the property address, and the price

o       Space down a bit and write the banner (I suggest in bold)

o       Write the ad, using 5-38 words, depending upon the amount of ad space (which will be stated in the Reminder email)

o       At the bottom of the ad, flush RIGHT and bold:  Offered at $

o       Below that, also flush RIGHT and bold: name at phone number

2.     Jpg -- with property or view label (e.g., Oxford front, Oxford water) as a separate file


·        Create a new folder in your own “My Documents”

o       Label:  your name, ad, date – e.g. Jeff Newspaper 1-5-06

o       Place the two files (Word and jpg) into the folder

o       COPY the entire folder into Public, Advertising, Newspaper or whichever FOLDER is appropriate (NEVER MOVE, COPY ONLY)


·        Another way to do this:

o       SAVE AS

o       Make sure the file is named correctly, then

o       Go to Network places, Public, Advertising, etc.


FORMAT for  Real Estate Book  ONLY


·        Publisher file ONLY with photo included in whatever placement you wish

·        Follow the instructions above for “Create a new folder” etc. OR SAVE AS


IF you want to run an ad again, or repeat an ad, we must have it as though we’ve never received it.  In other words, fresh folder each time.  (IF you have saved it in your own My Documents, then you can simply copy it over into the proper folder again – but  emailing us and asking us to repeat it is too confusing.

We need to make the process as clean and clear as possible with so many ads, so many publications, and so many properties.  Thank you!!